At Magnolia Flower Co, we believe that every couple deserves the wedding of their dreams.  So If you're ready to celebrate your love, we're ready to help make your dreams a reality!
(A quick note about Covid-19: We are not currently enforcing any minimums, if you have had to scale down your ceremony please don't hesitate to contact us!)

beautiful flowers for beautiful people

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We are a mother daughter team, growing our business from the ground up. Our passion is bringing beautiful visions to life, and we love working together to make it happen!

Hi I'm Holly, I've been a florist for 30 years.  I've watched the industry grow and change, and I love where I see it heading! I've worked in flower shops and in management and have learned the wedding industry through contracting with several great and inspiriational wedding florists.  I originally went to school for fashion, but have found my calling in the colors, textures and patterns of flowers.  In my time off I enjoy photography, nature and animals. 

meet the partners

I'm Willow! I haven't been doing floral work for long, but I love learning new things from every event we do. I've always enjoyed nature, and I'm always curious about all the different types of plants and flowers that I see. I'm excited to see what the future holds and to continue to learn every day!

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